Historical Sew Monthly 2015 #3 Stashbusting

This is the first Historical Sew Monthly Challenge I made in time. My stash is -compared to others – not very large but it contains meters of cheap black whatever it is- because that is what you always need, isn`t it? And it contained/contains something very special: lace from my family, probably from my great grandmother (I´ve written about it here.) So I decided to make a wearing history blouse, I already made for my christmas dress. Because last time the hooks and eyes-closure didn`t work as well I decided to try something different this time. Buttons would have been the best solution but as I had not enough normal buttons in my stash I decided to use snap buttons which, I think, isn`t historically accurat at all. That`s the trade-off when doing a stash busting challenge 😉
For the pictures I wore it with my 1908 5-gore skirt, which desperately needs a petticoat, a better back closure and ironing 😉

1910s blouse

1910s blouse

side view

side view

portrait with lace and hat

portrait with lace and hat

windy day

windy day

back view with anacronistic child

back view with anacronistic child

Fabric: 1,5 yds of medium light black wahtever (cotton blend?)

Pattern: Wearing History 1910 blouse and guimpe pattern

Year: 1910s

Notions: 1 yard of lace, hook and eye, snap buttons

How Historically Accurate is it?: pattern should be fairly accurate, although is is based on a modern pattern, fabric is probably not 100% Cotton and snap buttons are not accurate at all. BUt: I give myself extrapoints for the antique lace. So maybe: 60%

Hours to Complete: ~15 hours

First Worn: for the photos

Total Cost: $0


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