The Historical Sew Monthly 2015: far behind my plans

I knew that my plans were ambitious but I´m still quite disappointed that I´m that far away from what I hoped to achieve. For january I wanted to make stays. I ordered a pattern around christmas but as he pattern shop was closed till january I had to wait till the second week of january, before I received it. The pattern came with a shopping list, which I took to a handwork shop just to find out that they didn`t have grommets and also no busks in the required size (even though their website said that they were specialized on corset supplies) and couldn`t order them (or were not willing to). I did some research on what I needed and where to get it(and got lots of help from the Dettmer-sisters from nehelenia patterns, thank you very much), ordered online again and received everything I needed in the last week of january.. two days week before influenza hit our family. And we were hit hard…
I´m still not fully recovered yet but had a chance to get started with the stays (not very historically accurate fabric I know 😉

stays: first steps

stays: first steps

and also with my project for february: a blue “Avantgarde”-dress from the 1880s. This pattern is only available in one size:10. There was no size chart but as I have never been a 10, on no size chart, I knew that I had to make adjustments. Turned out that I need a FBA (full bust adjustment). Even if I squeeze my bust as intended there is no chance (as you can see on the picture).

FBA needed

FBA needed

The problem is: I have never done a FBA and I´m soooooo scared! I found a lot of interesting instructions for different types of patterns on the internet but nothing that resembled my type of bodice. As you might be able to see on the following picture it hast two vertical darts in the front and I just don`t have an idea how to adjust them (or add another one?) for my D-bust. Does someone have an idea???

bodice with darts

bodice with darts


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